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Oleg Kuzya Kuznietsov

I was born in Siberia, Russia but I have lived in Ukraine my whole life. I have always felt the urge to create. Nowadays I live in Poland and represent Breaknuts Crew. I have been in the game since 2007. Since 2009 I have been taking part in various competitions, jams, dance battles, workshops and festivals in the federal states of the post-soviet countries. Since 2011 I have been getting around international competitions organized in Europe. Always on the move I meet interesting people who become my source of inspiration and knowledge. I try to think outside the box and I’m always ready to share my vision of hip hop and break dance with others.


I proudly represent the Breaknuts Crew.


I run classes and workshops in order to teach and share my passion with others.


More and more often I’m on the other side of the fence as a judge.


Every day I aspire to make myself and others happy.

My achievements


2 place – “Undisputed World Bboy Series” World Final , Marocco – 1vs1


1 place – “Solverde World Battle” Portugal – 1vs1
2 place – “Outbreak Europe” Slovakia – 1vs1
2 place – “Outbreak Europe” Slovakia – RepYourCountry
2 place – Supreme Underground Session , Germany – 3vs3
1 place – FlowMo 16th Years Anniversary , Finland – 1vs1


1 place – IBE (Freestyle Session Qualifire) Holland – Crew vs Crew
1 place – IBE (Undisputed Qualifire) , Holland  – 1vs1
1 place – Outbreak Europe , Slovakia – RepYourCountry
1 place – Battle for Heel, Italy – 7ToSmoke
1 place – FlowMo 15th Years Anniversary World Finals, Finland – 1vs1
2 place – Unbreakable Bboy Championship, Belgium – 1vs1


1 placeSilverback Open USA 3vs3
2 place
– IBE Holland 1vs1
2 place –  “Bomb Jam” China 1vs1
1 place 
– „Outbreak Europe” Slovakia
1 place – „BreakKing” Poland Bielawa 2vs2
1 place – „Octagon Bohemia” Chech Republic 3vs3
1 place – „Turbo Jam” Poland 2vs2
1 place – „Unbrekable World Championship 2016” Belgium 1vs1
1 place – „Evolution Europe ” Germany, eliminations to NewYork 5vs5
1 place – „Unexpected jam” 20th Century Bboys 14th Anniversary Korea 3vs3
1 place – „Dance the world” Poland 3vs3 – South Korea Eliminations


1 place – „Battle Rest in Beats” Czech Republik
1 place – „D. Point Crew 6 Years Anniversary ” Switzerland 2vs2
1 place – „HipHop Kemp” Czech Republik 2vs2
2 place – „HipHop Kemp” Czech Republik 3vs3
1 place – „SDK Europe” Czech Republik
1 place – „Bboy Factory ” Poland
1 place – „Unbreakable” Balgium Crew vs Crew
1 place – „Unbreakable” Belgium 1vs1 (footwork battle)
1 place – „Art Of Breaking ” Poland, Łódź
1 place – „The Break Day” Poland


1 place – „Stret Session” Slovakia
1 place – „Break The Border”
1 place – „Outbreak Europe, Rep Your Country” Slovakia


I have always felt the urge to create. Through art we can express and reveal our true selves and achieve maximum fulfillment.


Always on the move I meet interesting people who become my source of inspiration. Hoping to become an inspiration myself one day.


My family and friends are of paramount importance to me. They motivate me no matter what and always believe in me.


I believe in God and myself. Power is within each and every one of us. We just need to look deep inside ourselves to notice it.

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